A couple of years ago when Adithya and Sharanya were living in Bombay, they decided to publish all of their writing together, under one platform, in one blog. Adithya had recently been published by Helter Skelter and Grey Oak Publishers and was looking for a place to house his short stories. Sharanya was looking to do the same with her written work – a range of poems, prose, short stories, dating back to her years in college.

But the idea fell through as the both of them moved out of the city in quick succession – Sharanya moved to Philadelphia for grad school and Adithya moved on for work in Delhi. However, for some strange reason, their writing continued to live in Bombay. Their characters in typical loyalty, refuse to live, love and feel lonely elsewhere.

The bombaywritingproject is a blog that features all of Adithya and Sharanya’s writing that is set in Bombay. It is another one of the many attempts to capture, the anguish, the despair, the wonder and the fears that brim in Bombay.

We hope support our work by reading, liking and sharing our work widely. However, the bombaywritingproject is not, and doesn’t intend to be, an exclusive platform. If you are a friend, or a friend of a friend, and you have a one-off/a series of original stories/poems set in Bombay, previously published or unpublished, do give us a shout at bombaywritingproject@gmail.com and we will be happy chat with you.

To Bombay,
a muse, a whore,
our beloved.

-Adithya and Sharanya